IPTV System

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a service that uses the internet or a local area network (LAN) to deliver TV services, rather than via cable, terrestrial or satellite. RF signals are captured from the broadcaster, whether terrestrial or satellite signals, and rebroadcast via IP to end devices.

 What is the advantage of having an IPTV?

It allows organisations to have control over, and manage channels and content.

  • Controlling the television to show certain channels remotely without the need to tune or change channels at every television station.
  • Add or remove additional channels and/or in-house channels for promotions, information, and advertising.
  • Digital quality content.
  • Ability to offer interactive features such as Personal Video Recording (PVR).
  • Place book marks or reminders to notify users when their favorite shows are on.
  • Expansion of the head-end equipment to accommodate Pay TV services and/or International Satellite channels.

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