Digital Content

With over 20 years association with movie studios, VOD is one of the few companies in our region to hold the rights to distribute studio content to clients.

  • VOD is licensed to provide content from :
    • Village Roadshow
    • United International Pictures (UIP)
    • Paramount Films
    • Universal Films
    • Icon Films Distribution
    • Madman Entertainment
    • Fox Studios, MGM, Miramax
    • other independent film makers
      (NOTE: not all studios are available in all regions)
  • VOD provides both studio films and adult titles.



  • All new installations start with a minimum of 200 movie titles.
  • Customers receive monthly updates of between 8-14 titles.
  • Monthly updates can be delivered via FTP transfer or portable USB drives.
  • The VOD system works with either VOD or Foxtel content.
  • VOD offers encoding services and multiple formats can be produced to support different end devices and players.