Student Accommodations

What can my students expect?

  • A warm welcome message with the guests name and profile.
  • Access to the latest movies with over 200 titles ready for instant access.
  • Access to digital TV channels with EPG and personal recordings.
  • An interactive menu that offers up-to-date information regarding:
    • local attractions
    • services and facilities
    • instant messages sent from front desk to keep guests informed of any updates
  • A digital concierge that can access products and services.

How does the VOD solution add value to your accommodation facility?

  • The ability to fully manage content.
  • Present products and services in text, image, or video to show case your organisation.
  • Offering revenue generating products, services and entertainment.
  • Centrally managed television channels.
  • Multilingual support for all menus.
  • Saving costs by removing print materials.
  • Powerful CMS (Content Management System) tools to fully manage all aspects of the solution.
  • Integration with all major Property Management Systems (PMS).

VOD will design and deliver a solution that is RELEVANT and that offers VALUE to your organisation.