Digital concierge connects tech savvy seniors

An exciting new introduction to the ‘World’s Best Place to Retire’, VOD’s Freestyle Digital Concierge solution.

Partnered with Telstra, VOD is excited to be the engine behind Telstra’s Guest Service Solutions launched at Mark Moran Vaucluse in Sydney.

“We have created a lifestyle precinct, a resort in the middle of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, that brings together the latest technology solutions including Scandinavian gymnasiums connected to cloud based systems, robot technology from Japan for rehabilitative activities and Telstra as a leader in innovation,” says Co-Founder Mark Moran. – Telstra Article

The solutions includes:

  • Movies On Demand
  • IPTV supporting Free-to-air and Foxtel contents
  • Digital Concierge – Freestyle

Mark Moran Vaucluse recently named ‘World’s Best Place to Retire’, a Sydney-based aged care facility is pioneering the tech offering by digitally connecting its residents.

Telstra Article Link:

Digital concierge connects tech savvy seniors